[Bug 131795] Re: Please backport clamav 0.91.1 from Gutsy

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Mon Aug 13 14:42:41 BST 2007

This is true, however, some of the external interfaces with programs
that depend on clamav were changed in the the 0.9x series and so while
clamav works fine, it may fail to work WITH some of the programs that
depend on it.  As and example, neither the clamtk nor the klamav
versions in Dapper will ever think they found a virus with a clamav 0.9x
program.  Server programs (like clamsmtp) will generally work.  We are
working on testing all the different dependencies to see how best to
deal with an official backport.

Please backport clamav 0.91.1 from Gutsy
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