[Bug 57754] Please backport X-Moto 0.2.1 - X-Moto is no more ALPHA !

Mantas Kriaučiūnas mantas at akl.lt
Fri Sep 15 09:46:14 BST 2006

X-Moto is at 0.2.1 since 2006-09-14, I think it would be nice to have
this version in dapper backports - look at changelog:

 * X-Moto is no more ALPHA !
 * ppc computer can now read and write x86 replays (patch by Dave Vasilevsky)
 * upload highscores from the game
 * webrooms configuration
 * Man pages (from debian package)
 * desktop files and icon for kde/gnome (by SnowBear)
 * -nowww option to force xmoto to not connect on the web
 * -testTheme option to test your themes
 * new functions for scripted levels
 * grip parameter for blocks (to make ice blocks for example)
 * auto-adaptation of the camera (depending on the gravity/wind)
 * uglyer ugly mode (for slower computer ; press F1 to switch ugly mode)
 * translations [french] (for unix only)
 * collision between body and sprites
 * level preview animation before playing (patch by Frederic Huard)
 * Some minor improvements
 * Several bugs fixed.

See ubuntu bug #57322 for more info about including new X-moto into

** Also affects: Baltix
   Importance: Untriaged
       Status: Unconfirmed

Please backport xmoto

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