[Bug 53257] Re: libxine 1.1.2

Nathaniel W. Turner nate at houseofnate.net
Sun Oct 15 21:57:12 BST 2006

This seems to be taking a long time to get into dapper-backports.
Anyone who wants to play FLAC files right now and hasn't hacked a
solution on their own yet is welcome to use my backported xine-lib and
xine-extracodecs packages.  They are just the 1.1.2 packages from edgy
rebuilt on dapper (with an appropriate version number change).  I've
tested these packages on amd64 and i386.  Nothing special, but may be
convenient for some users.

dep http://archive.aardvarque.com/ubuntu/misc/ dapper main

(See also:  http://archive.aardvarque.com/signatures )

libxine 1.1.2

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