[Bug 60538] Re: Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Dapper - please update to 3.0.2

Mantas Kriaučiūnas mantas at akl.lt
Sat Oct 14 01:36:00 BST 2006

** Summary changed:

- Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Edgy - please update to 3.0.1
+ Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Dapper - please update to 3.0.2

** Description changed:

- Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Edgy - Glade 3.0.1 was released about a
+ Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Dapper - Glade 3.0 was released several
  month ago !
  Get it at http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/glade3/3.0/
  From changelog:
  3.0.1 is a follow up bugfix release to 3.0 and includes alot of misc
  New features and fixes:
      * Pasting a widget does not paste the packing options (bug 345604) (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
      * Now you can paste widgets to your hearts content (bug 345603)
      * Fixed expander widgets (they were missing placeholders).
      * Adjustments are saved without floating point precision in the glade file (reports of glade-- code generator disliking the decimal points).
      * Fixed an embarrassing segfault when removing items using the menu/toolbar editor (Juan Pablo)
      * Interface signals are now properly introspected + alphabetically sorted (Juan Pablo)
      * Removed some properties on children internal to composite widgets, properties that we're controlled by style properties on the GtkDialog widget (bug 352018).
      * Enhancements to the "Projects" menu + minor UI enhancements (Vincent Geddes)
      * Palette items can be locked down with CNTL-click matching glade-2 behaviour (bug 303679)
          Aug 11 2006             Glade 3.0 released !
  NOTE - Glade 3.0 Requires GTK+ 2.8 and libxml2, Glade 3.0 will expose
  properties, signals and widgets from GTK+ 2.8, remember that you need an
  up to date version of GTK+ to support those widgets.
  Here is an overview of the changes made since the last development
      * DevHelp integration for a contextual help system
      * GnomeUI and GnomeCanvas plugin (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
      * New "Editor skeleton" provided by the core to ease the plugin's creation of custom editors for toolbars and menus and such. (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
      * Toolbar and popup menu support (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
      * Added accelerators property dialog
      * Drag/Resize support extended to GtkTable and GtkBox subclasses (and GnomeCanvas) from only GtkFixed and GtkLayout.
      * Reverted "View" menu to match the Glade 2 style (Yevgen Muntyan)
      * Now glade has 2 icon sets (16x16 & 22x22), all icons available (Vincent Geddes)
      * New awesome palette (Vincent Geddes)
      * Cute cursor when adding widgets (Vincent Geddes)
      * General UI enhancements and desktop integration work (Vincent Geddes)
      * Duplicated widgets id's are unique (Yevgen Muntyan)
      * Spelling mistake fixes from Thierry Moisan and Clytie Siddall
      * Many Many Many misc fixes by Juan Pablo Ugarte, Vincent Geddes, Yevgen Muntyan and myself.
      * Much core/gtk+ backend refactoring done by Juan Pablo and myself.

** Also affects: dapper-backports (upstream)
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: Unconfirmed

Glade is out of date on Ubuntu Dapper - please update to 3.0.2

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