[Bug 52486] Re: GnuCash 2.0.0

zenrox kergan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 05:47:18 GMT 2006

ok i modified the debian/control script
for g-wrap libgoffice, and dpkg-dev
it compiled 
then when dh_make got ahold of it it breaks
dh_installdocs -a
dh_installchangelogs -a ChangeLog
dh_gconf -a
dh_strip -a
dh_compress -a
dh_fixperms -a
dh_installdeb -a
dh_makeshlibs -a
dh_shlibdeps -a -ldebian/gnucash/usr/lib/gnucash:debian/gnucash/usr/lib/gnucash/gnucash
# sed -e "s/ gnucash,//" debian/substvars > debian/substvars.tmp
# sed -e "s/libgwrapguile1/libgwrapguile1 (>= 1.3.4-1)/" debian/substvars.tmp > debian/substvars
# mv debian/substvars.tmp debian/substvars
dh_gencontrol -a
dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${source:Version}
dh_md5sums -a
dh_builddeb -a
dpkg-deb: parse error, in file `debian/gnucash/DEBIAN/control' near line 6 package `gnucash':
 `Depends' field, reference to `gnucash-common': error in version: version string is empty
dh_builddeb: command returned error code 512
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1

GnuCash 2.0.0 

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