[Bug 71916] Re: Please backport multisync 0.82-8 to Dapper

robepisc robepisc at freemail.it
Fri Nov 17 16:46:34 GMT 2006

Just tried to install your 0.82-7 backport in Dapper.
It can't install libmultisync-plugin-irmc-bluetooth because it depends on the inexistent "bluez-tools" package.
The right package name is "bluez-utils".
Note that this issue also hit Debian (#398308): this is why they released 0.82-8, which fixes this (and only this).

Moreover the palm and syncml plugins are not built anymore in 0.82-7.
This, added to the dist-upgrade issue you mentioned, makes the package, as is, in a bad condition for a backport.

Can't the backport only fix the bug with UTF-7?
The patch is really trivial (see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=274022).
Or this would violate the backport policy?


PS: Thanks for your work on this bug!

Please backport multisync 0.82-8 to Dapper

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