REQ: BitTornado 0.3.15

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Sat Mar 25 15:52:53 GMT 2006

Brian Gurtler wrote:
> i was told "we're way past upstream version freeze (UVF); you'd need to
> write a UVF exception"
> so.. uhh yeah.. whatever that means.

This is explained here:

for packages in 'main', you need to contact mdz/Kamion. (but I think
they are happy about being pointed to bugs in malone as well).

And please, when requesting an exception from UVF, please make sure that
you really tested the new package completely and thoroughly. This means
in particular, that you need to upgrade the source package yourself so
that you can capture the build and install logs as instructed by the
wiki page.

This really makes the work of the UVF team easier.


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