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Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Fri Mar 3 08:56:31 GMT 2006

John Dong wrote:
> The current trouble is, Backports is not authorized to modify source
> packages, so while development packages may contain a fix, often there's
> enough other changes mixed in that backporting the package would result in
> even more issues.

I think if enough experienced ubuntu developers would have time and
interest to work on 'real' backports in the style of for debian, this ubuntu policy for backports could
be changed. However as backporting isn't that interesting work, I
don't see a change in near future.

> I believe that isolated bugfixes and non-security patches should be an area
> that the -updates repository is responsible, not Backports. Not just the
> ultra severe program-doesn't-work-at-all bugs, but the minor fixes also.
> Take a look at an RHEL Update pack -- it's full of bugfixes and improvement=
> s
> to existing packages. We need something like that. Forcing users to upgrade
> to a newer version of Ubuntu every 6 months to get their bugfixes is not an
> ideal option.
> I'm not trying to shove the burden to someone else, I'm just saying that
> -updates sounds more correct to me for this job than Backports. If that's
> not possible, then sure, we can find a way for Backports to be able to
> provide minor bugfixes.

I fully agree to you. -updates is a 'pocketed' upload target, so every
upload there gets hand reviewed by mdz, which is a good thing. There are
2 main reasons why this isn't overly used:

 * Developers have more than enough to do in the development branch of
 * the acceptance policy for -updates is very strict, and only very
   focused and low risk updates are allowed in anyway.

I don't think the latter one is a problem but a good thing. -updates
should be and in fact is a very safe repository to use.

Point 1 will never be fixed, because we will never have enough
developers for that. Users can help by filing and triaging bugs,
targeted at the correct distributions, and look if they can provide a
focused bugfix. Then a developer can review and eventually upload that

Ok, now back to (ubuntu) work :)


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