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John Dong jdong at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 19 20:44:00 GMT 2006

Thanks for your efforts

Mez (Martin M.) is working with the LP team to get some similar
functionality (at one point), so I'll forward you to the list.

On 2/19/06, sjoeboo <sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com> wrote:
> John,
> If you remember, so time ago i made a post to the backports list bringing
> up the idea of creating a web-interface for the backports project. since
> then I and a few class mates have begun working on such a thing for our
> software design course. thus far thigns have gone well. the core
> functionality is there, includeing a manual blacklist of blocked packages
> etc. the "script" that does all of the acctualy work is all in python, and
> based in part off of the ubp-build.py script. the web front end to teh
> script is all php. we still have a good bit of work to do, mainly cleaning
> up code, documentation, comments, and improving the UI, alogn with various
> papers and diagrams for class.
> I was wondering what, if anythign can be done to make this project more
> "offical". we obviously need to apply the standard ubuntu color/theme/fonts
> etc to teh web page, and include links to relavent information. the entire
> project also resides, for now, on a very low-end web server sitting in a
> corner of my bedroom on a cable connection. what, if anything can be done to
> move this to a more offical location?
> hopefully you can point me in the right direction regarding this
> project.  i'd be happy to send you the build-script and links to the
> "work-in-progress" website.
> thanks for any help you can offer.
> Matthew Nicholson
> sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com
> sjoeboo.com
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