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Matthew Nicholson sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com
Thu Apr 27 21:36:55 BST 2006

hello everyone,

as my spring semester draws to a close, so does my work on a web
interface for backporting. this has been mentioned on the list a few
times, so i figured, now that it basically done, i'd write again incase
anyone cares to know about it. 

technical: python for the backend, php for the front end. running on an
old box i have sitting in a corner in my bedroom on my cable connection,
so the bandwidth is minimal, as is the cpu power. 

basically, a python script i wrote, based on ubp-build.py, runs in the
background checking for jobs. as the come in, it attempts to find the
source, download, unpack, resolve build-deps, and build each package.
when a "user" requests a job, they must also submit their email address.
when the build finishes, be it a finished package, or a failure
(build-deps, compile time error, etc), an email is sent to that user
provided address stating what happened (with a log if it "failed"), and
if it completed, a link to the place the package is stored in, along
with a warning about how the package was build by a script, not a
person,and may not work, and may even damage your system.

as for admin purposes, there is a basic interface for the system. it
allows you to view the jobs in queue, along with the
"whitelist"/"blacklist" these are files that hold the names of packages
that have either failed to build, or succeeded, so they are not
attempted over and over. from the admin interface, you can remove
package from each list, and move jobs from the queue directly on to a

its basic, but it does the job. i would tell you all where to find it,
but i have to present it, along with all sorts of test documents, user
guides, class documentation, etc on monday, so i'd rather keep it
"closed" untill then to prevent anything from going wrong. however,
afterwards, i'll be more than happy to provide the source, install/setup
instructions, documentation etc to everyone.

oh, and as for right now it only backports from dapper to
breezy.however, all of that is controlled in the chroot it runs from,
so, once dapper is released, and edgy development opens, it should be
trivial to set up another instance of it.

i would love to get some feed back on this.

keep up the good work

Matthew Nicholson <sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com>
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