USN-186-1 (mozilla, mozilla-firefox) updates broken on Hoary

Stephan Hermann sh at
Sun Sep 25 11:58:49 CDT 2005


Am Sonntag, den 25.09.2005, 12:23 -0400 schrieb John Dong:
> On 9/25/05, Stephan Hermann <sh at> wrote:
>         Hi John,
>         so to provide support means:
>                 Hey, Users, take this package, break your system, and
>         complain
>                 about it to the Ubuntu Support Base?
>         Please, I fought now 2 days on the german ubuntu channel with
>         your crap,
>         and you aren't
>         1. on IRC
> I'm not much of an IRC person.  I'm fully reachable via e-mail and the
> forums...

But to provide a better communication you should, or give me a JID where
I can reach you.

>         2. u don't provide a separate support base for your repository
> We certainly do, via malone and the forums. Malone is the official bugtracker for your private repos?
And which forums? Are they linked with the localized forums or MLs?

Please understand, your users are coming as well from other countries,
and they don't read other forums then their local ones. And our german
support team from the german forum were hit by this issue completly

>         3. u didn't care what happend 
> I'm just not going to comment on this one.

Why not?

>         So, the best thing is: Shut it down. Every package which is
>         there, can
>         be backported to hoary in a better way.
> We haven't added a package to unofficial hoary-backports since we got
> our official repository. Breezy-backports on the old server will not
> be created (except for the -staging branch), so this problem will
> naturally resolve itself in Breezy.

So close your private playground please, to avoid those issues.
If you need help to backport packages from breezy to hoary, join
#ubuntu-motu or -devel, we'll help.
The rest isn't good, neither for the users nor for the worldwide support

>         But if this is not going to happen, I'll propose towards CC/TB
>         that the
>         backports team, like it is now, have to step back, some others
>         will take 
>         the reponsibilty and following the rules. Not being
>         responsible is one
>         thing we should avoid, regarding the userbase.
> You're not seeing the whole picture. The team is doing its best to
> support the user base. If you do not want to deal with it, refer the
> users over to the forums.

Well, I'm not in this forums business, cause I think forums are the
wrong way to substitue MLs or IRC or the Usenet. But I, for my person,
have contacts to people who are doing the support via forums and other
sources, and they were/are quite annoyed about the unofficial backports
team. So if somethings happening again, can I give them your email
address to forward all annoyed user mails, postings?

And again, we are discussing your private playground, not the official



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