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John Dong john.dong at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 13:47:01 CDT 2005

Yes, it is that nice little vacation in Backports... When Hoary is nicely 
up-to-date and Breezy+1 hasn't opened yet :). However, it isn't really just 
a vacation; lots of stuff are happening in the background. I'd just like to 
take the time to shed the light on it. If other devs (Mez for sure) have 
stuff to add on, feel free:

   - breezy-extras and the staging repositories in Subversion are opening 
   soon.... The basic structure has been made. 
   - The Backports unofficial server is getting an overhaul, too. The 
   Subversion repo weighs in at >15GB, so it's time to flush out the metadata 
   and start from scratch. It's really irritating to work with right now... 
   - The Backports website might also get a Wiki, or just redirect itself 
   to a section of wiki.ubuntu.com.... 


   - I'm going to do some more work on the ubp-build.py tool to gear it 
   more at the "average joe" trying to make some backported packages himself. 
   That way, people who have backport requests not conforming to the guidelines 
   can package them themselves at their own risk. This includes: 
      - Wizard-style walkthrough, more meaningful/descriptive prompts 
      - deb-src line setup utility
       - Hopefully, automatic "~5.10bp1unsupported" version trailers 
      in changelogs 
      - Dump packages into a local APT repository, thus taking 
      advantage of dependency resolution during install phase 

That should get us through with Breezy... Unofficial "breezy-backports" will 
NOT be there in Breezy -- that's just too confusing to explain. The better 
ubp-build will take its place.
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