PyKDE, PyQt and SIP up-to-date (and in Hoary)

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Oct 13 15:16:25 CDT 2005


I've recently been discussing PyKDE and related packages on kubuntu-devel, and 
it seems like the best approach to get up-to-date packages for Hoary is if 
the Breezy packages get updated and backported:

Currently, there are Debian packages which provide PyKDE snapshot 20050829, 
PyQt 3.15 and SIP 4.3.1, and I have successfully built these with revised 
dependencies for Hoary. I've also managed to build these newer sources for 
Hoary using slightly modified packaging diffs from the above Ubuntu packages 
(and with revised dependencies).

So what are the chances of having more up-to-date versions of these packages 
in the backports repository?


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