John Dong jdong at
Mon Nov 21 18:59:52 CST 2005

I'm beginning to see the need for some Backports needing minor source
changes, and I think we need to send a spec through the TB about it. Before
doing so, I'd like to get everyone's opinions about guidelines for doing


(1) As packaging changes are made upstream in Dapper and Sid, at times just
package name changes prevent an otherwise perfect build candidate from
(2) Sometimes there are special-circumstance backports (Mono under guidance
of tseng, Firefox backport near the end of the hoary-backports cycle) that
need source/packaging changes, but the situation justifies the need.


Two types of source-changed backporting should be spec'ed and brought to the
Tech Board for review:

(1) MAIN Packages: Approval by either prominent maintainer figure or mdz
(?), changes ultimately done by a Ubuntu developer
(2) UNIVERSE Packages: Approval through review by multiple MOTU members
(maybe through the REVU system)

What do you guys think? Surely we'll need more specific guidelines about
what kind of changes specifically should be allowed (i.e. build-dep changes,
unpatching upstream-specific changes [i.e. Launchpad Integration under
Hoary], etc)?
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