matt nicholson sjoeboo at
Thu Nov 3 12:22:24 CST 2005

now, i know UBZ is going on. and i know this question has been asked a 
few times already, least i would imagine it has been. so, in advance, 
i'm sorry if they don't want to hear this again. i do not aim to make 
people pissed, i'm just curious.

when/will breezy backports open?

i'm not asking about extras (w32codecs, etc) cause i know some of them 
have been pulled due to legal issues.

what i'm asking about is regular backports, like rhythmbox 0.9.1  from 
dapper, backported to breezy, etc etc etc.

the main reason i ask is actually because of rhythmbox (and banshee 
maybe ). alot of good thing have been happening in rhythmbox as of late 
and i think people(ie, those whom do not build from cvs/source 
constantly) would like to have the newest version and all its great new 
features. plus as far as i know its already in the dapper tree.

so, my question, again, is, when, or better yet, will, breezy backports 
open? is help needed? i would be more than willing to help, so long as 
someone guided be at least through my first "backport". I can say that 
the newest rhythmbox is working perfectly on breezy with all of the 
crazy new features enabled (DAAP, auidoscrobbler support, etc)

once again sorry if this has been asked a hundered times, i don't mean 
to nag, i just haven't found an actual answer, the forums are all 
speculation as far as i can see.


sjoeboo at

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