Stephan Hermann sh at
Tue Nov 1 09:38:41 CST 2005

Hi Guys,

Am Montag, den 31.10.2005, 11:29 -0600 schrieb Travis Watkins:
> On 10/31/05, John Dong <jdong at> wrote:
> > Give us some more information -- what's the error message? We aren't
> > psychic.
> >
> There is no error, he just wants to get new apps and such without
> upgrading his entire distro. Personally I'd rather get all the new
> features of GNOME and etc and upgrade but he seems to be stuck in his
> ways. He is threatening to go back to windows to try to get us to give
> him what he wants. I say let him go, we don't need greedy
> manipulators.

First of all, I think it's quite ok to ask for "new stuff" in hoary.
If it's possible to upgrade gnome or kde via ubuntu-backports let's do
If it's too much efford, because of new things in gnome, which is
requiring a new toolchain etc. then you should not backport the new
But annoying people to name them "greedy manipulators" is not a good
idea. Better to stop hitting the reply button to those mails then.



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