breezy "backports" ?

sjoeboo at sjoeboo at
Mon Aug 29 12:45:02 CDT 2005

I just joined the lsit so forgive me if this has been asked/answered

is tehre being any work done for breezy "backports"? i say "backports"
because its not so much backports, as it is teh extras i am concerned
with, since breezy is so current there is nothing really to "backport".

By extras i mean things like w32codecs, libdvdcss2 etc. thigns not in
uni/multiverse/restriced, but only found in "horay-extras" or some other
3rd party like mallirat(i don't like 3rd party repos still).

I would be more than willing to help out with packaging things such as
these if help is needed, however, i would need a little guidance, because
though i am far from "new" when i come to linux, i am when it comes to
packaging and the like.

thanks. keep up the awsome work.

matthew nicholson
sjoeboo at

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