Launchpad: Validate your team's contact email address

Martin Meredith martin at
Thu Aug 25 10:44:04 CDT 2005

Please ignore this email :D

Launchpad Email Validator wrote:
> Hello
> The Launchpad user named 'Martin Meredith (martin-sourceguru)' requested the
> registration of 'ubuntu-backports at' as the contact email address
> of team 'Ubuntu Backporters'. This request can only be made by a team
> owner/administrator, so if this change request was unexpected or was
> not requested by one of the team's administrators, please contact
> system-error at
> If you want to make this email address the contact email of
> 'Ubuntu Backporters', please click on the link below and follow the
> instructions.
> Thanks,
> The Launchpad Team 
> launchpad at

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