Backport Request of proftpd

John Dong john.dong at
Mon Aug 22 08:55:36 CDT 2005

On Sunday 21 August 2005 06:51 am, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
Can you elaborate on what exactly you want?

Does the Breezy version of Proftpd fix these security problems? If not, then 
the Backports team can't help you out until these changes get into Breezy 
(it's after feature freeze, so probably you'd have to sweet talk a dev in 
#ubuntu-devel or motu)
> Hi Backporters,
> could you please get proftpd get backported in hoary? the version in
> breezy fixes 2 security problems not listed in CVE. According to
> these 2 bugs are relevant:
> *
> *
> Considering that
> * no new upstream is in breezy
> * and many other bugs have been fixed according to upstream,
> it seems reasonable to me to get the breezy version backported in
> hoary rather than to backport exactly these to fixes, considering it
> is a universe package.
> thank you for considering.
> --
> regards,
>     Reinhard

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