Smeg not installable

John Dong john.dong at
Sat Aug 20 09:44:07 CDT 2005

We should remove Smeg from the official Backports tree until this issue is 
resolved. It's not appropriate to have uninstallable packages in Backports.

On Saturday 20 August 2005 07:09 am, Martin Meredith wrote:
> Helene Hallwirth wrote:
> > Installing Smeg from the official backports is not possible, it misses
> > python-xdg (>= 0.14). Would it be possible to backport this? It works
> > using the unofficial backports.
> Regarding smeg... We've been looking at this and we've found a few
> problems with doing this officially. There are a lot of problems with
> certain conflicts regarding this. at the moment, backporting it would be
> very hard to do and still keep compatability.
> I refer you to the following message in the archive:

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