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John Dong john.dong at
Thu Aug 11 17:01:08 CDT 2005

I've been using svk for a couple weeks now, and I find Hoary's version very 
inadequate. So, I backported 1.00-1 from Breezy. It's working very well, and 
in the unofficial Backports tree.

I'd like to see this in the official Backports tree, too. However, there's a 
few build issues:

1) The specific versions of perl modules that it depends on cannot be 
satisfied in Hoary. I removed the version checks.

2) About 5 unit tests fail, which forces the build to fail. Investigating on 
these failures, they're for new features that want those newer perl modules. 
However, these features aren't in SVK 0.29 anyway, so it's still a HUGE 
improvement from Hoary!

So, control needs to be edited, and rules needs to be edited to remove "make 
test" (disable unit testing). I've used backported svk quite a bit, with no 
problems at all.
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