backport of Breezy's Ruby 1.8.2 package

Brandon Hale brandon at
Mon Aug 1 17:40:27 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 17:07 -0400, Frank Hale wrote:
> Is there likely a chance that the Ruby 1.8.2 package in Breezy will be
> backported to Hoary? If not, what do I need to do in order to get this
> added to Hoary? I'm ready, willing but need the right push because I'm
> new to Ubuntu and have little experience with Ubuntu packaging so far.

Hi Frank,

First, please evaluate what you really want to achieve here.
So far you have posted to this list twice (almost identically) asking
about the feasibility of adding the package from Breezy to hoary

Also, you have inquired about moving forward with a bug [1] to add ruby
1.8.2 to hoary-updates. 

I will try to address these in turn.

If you wish to include the package in hoary-backports, a repository
allowing breezy packages on hoary for users trying to get to the
"bleeding edge" without actually loosing limbs to breezy.  Some might
consider it the best of both worlds.  If you would prefer to have your
package included here, we would ask that you do the following:

Navigate to the ruby1.8 source package on
( [2] for the lazy ).
Scroll to the bottom and save the .dsc, .orig.tar.gz and .diff.gz files
to a folder on your desktop.

Follow the pbuilder howto [3] to set up a development envrionment for
testing.  Attempt to build the breezy source package by running 'sudo
pbuilder build ruby*.dsc' against the downloaded source package.

If successful, you will find a ruby deb
in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/ruby*.deb.
Install it with dpkg -i $path, and ensure that the package is working.

If the package backports cleanly, please report back and one of your
friendly backport team members can kick off a build for you.

Option 2, Hoary updates.
hoary-updates is a repository which is much more closely QA'd.  As Matt
said on the bug [1], we will need to identify the particular bugs that
prevent Rails and other apps from working, and backport only fixes to
the hoary version.  This probably means pointing us to specific bug #'s
in the upstream bug tracker, or commits to their CVS tree.

Please advise on how you would like to continue, and thanks for your
interest in improving Ubuntu!


Brandon Hale

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