No Ubuntu Laptops available in AU (Paul Gear)

Anil Gulati at
Wed Jun 22 04:08:14 UTC 2016

Thanks Paul.

I checked out Lenovo X260 and X1 Carbon. X260 much better value.
Sellers obviously restricting models to 8GB and forcing you up the
processor and feature / price line to get 16GB. I prefer 6i5 processor
because 6i7 takes more power and heat but I want 16GB RAM.

I can't see how Lenovo competes. The much cheaper x260 is a better
choice for me than the X1 but Dell XPS13, if I can get it, is even
better and still cheaper.

But I want a fast PCiE NVMe M.2 SSD and the Lenovo's are all still on
the rock bottom 520 MB/s read and 260 MB/s write level. Even the X1
high spec over $2k model doesn't specify the speed specs on its PCiE
SSD which is suspicious, especially as all the others are slow dogs.

Lenovo does say X1 and X260 are Linux compatible and provides
reference for drivers, but Dell XPS13 (if I can get it) ships with
Linux installed.

MariaC: Thank you for choosing Lenovo Chat.
Anil Gulati: I'm looking at the X260 and the X1 Carbon and hoping to
see the specs shipped with Linux installed.
MariaC: I understand Anil in this case, you can configure the linux
but, the option is not pre installed in our models for the moment this
options is not available
Anil Gulati: Ok. Lenovo doesn't sell Linux?
MariaC: for the moment we do not have this option available
Anil Gulati: Can you specify Linux compatibility for any models and
the X1 and X260 in particular?
MariaC: Im checking right now, and its compatible with ThinkPad X260
systems and ThinkPad X1 Carbon Anil
Anil Gulati: Oh Cool, so Lenovo confirms that I can run Linux on those models?
MariaC: yes Anil
Anil Gulati: Is there a link where I can get resources? Maybe I need
to download drivers or something? And can I purchase a model without
paying for Windows or do I have to buy Windows as well?
MariaC: Linux for
Personal Systems
MariaC: you can check the linux certifications there
Anil Gulati: Great Maria, this is good. Can I purchase without Windows
or do I have to pay for Windows as well?
MariaC: the windows is pre installed
MariaC: csamayoa at #2900721439

I'll take a look at Mac price / value but I'm starting to want the
solid aluminium Dell XPS13, but I still don't have figures on how fast
the SSD is or what it will take to obtain one in AU.

> I asked about worldwide availability of laptops shipping with Ubuntu in
> a recent company videoconference in Canonical.  The short version is
> that although we have ongoing relationships with both Dell and Lenovo,
> the hardware vendors control the availability of the resultant systems.
> I have not seen any of the results of these relationships appear on
> either vendor's Australian site.  I'd also really like to get my hands
> on an Ubuntu phone and/or tablet, but they're not available here either.
> My subjective opinion (without having gathered precise data) is that
> most folks in Canonical run Lenovo ThinkPads (T4xx and X2xx are the most
> popular series), with Dell XPS (our CEO, Jane, runs a Dell shipped with
> Ubuntu [1]) and Apple in 2nd & 3rd.  I currently use a ThinkPad X230,
> but will probably switch to the latest T4x0 model on my next refresh.
> Both Dell and Lenovo are pretty compulsive about asking you to fill out
> a survey about why you visited their site and how you liked it.  One
> useful thing you could do would be to add a comment stating that you'd
> like to buy your laptop with Ubuntu.

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