Ubuntu take-up in Australia

Rhys rhysh at webone.com.au
Mon Mar 23 10:00:16 UTC 2015

(Ian, I'm in Goulburn too, so let's get together for a chat/drink sometime.)

I've been using Ubuntu for many years, and as my only desktop system for 
the last two years.

I'd dearly love to get my ASUS laptop onto Ubuntu too, instead of 
(shudder) Windows8, but the lockdown has defeated my efforts so far.  I 
want to find a company in Goulburn or Canberra that will just fix that 
for me.

Once I've paid off my mortgage, I'd like to set up a business to promote 
Ubuntu/LibreOffice/Odoo to rural enterprises.


Rhys from Goulburn

On 23/03/15 20:22, Ian Mann wrote:
> I only started using Ubuntu at 13.10 version, my repairman in Goulburn 
> NSW put me onto it. I use 14.04 now, and might upgrade when 16.04 
> comes out next year. I am very happy with it.
> Ian
> On 23/03/15 20:16, Geoffrey Combes wrote:
>> I began using Ubuntu in 2009 after using MS for Windows over 15 
>> years. I found it to be excellent and it has got better since. It 
>> provides all the applications that I need with a few exceptions, most 
>> of those being related to science and amateur radio (I am an engineer 
>> and a radio amateur). Even so many scientific applications that I use 
>> are available in Linux.
>> I am very happy with this operating system and I wonder why so few of 
>> my colleagues in amateur radio and others do not use it as their 
>> standard operating system. I also have Linus Mint running on a 
>> separate HDD - it works just as well as Ubuntu. When I have had the 
>> need to repair my desktop PC I find that repairer is unfamiliar with 
>> Linux (the boss knows but his repairmen don't).
>> So I ask AU-Ubuntu members/users how widely is Ubuntu being used? I 
>> notice that this website has become very quiet.
>> Do not hesitate to refer me to website for more information on Ubuntu 
>> usage.
>> Thanks, Geoffrey Combes

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