Ubuntu take-up in Australia

Ian Mann ansus at iinet.net.au
Mon Mar 23 09:22:06 UTC 2015

I only started using Ubuntu at 13.10 version, my repairman in Goulburn NSW put me onto it. I use 14.04 now, and might upgrade when 16.04 comes out next year. I am very happy with it.


On 23/03/15 20:16, Geoffrey Combes wrote:
> I began using Ubuntu in 2009 after using MS for Windows over 15 years. I found it to be excellent and it has got better since. It provides all the applications that I need with a few exceptions, most of those being related to science and amateur radio (I am an engineer and a radio amateur). Even so many scientific applications that I use are available in Linux.
> I am very happy with this operating system and I wonder why so few of my colleagues in amateur radio and others do not use it as their standard operating system. I also have Linus Mint running on a separate HDD - it works just as well as Ubuntu. When I have had the need to repair my desktop PC I find that repairer is unfamiliar with Linux (the boss knows but his repairmen don't).
> So I ask AU-Ubuntu members/users how widely is Ubuntu being used? I notice that this website has become very quiet.
> Do not hesitate to refer me to website for more information on Ubuntu usage.
> Thanks, Geoffrey Combes

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