I'd like to join :)

Ali Linx ali.linux at amjjawad.net
Sat Sep 20 06:01:59 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I guess Jared Norris may recognize my name. For those who don't know me 
yet, this is my Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad

For the last 4 years, I have been one of the most super active 
contributors to Ubuntu Communities and during that time, I have started 
my own projects such us:

and more ..

Also, I had some real life activities like: converting 61 machines to 

Have not updated my record yet from 60 to 61 :)

Now, my entire real life has changed. I am in Sydney (Australia) now. 
I'd like to join you and put all my experience, knowledge, activities, 
projects, etc at your service and the entire country.

For the last 4 years, most of my activities were online. Now, I am very 
much interested to go for another challenge and move these activities to 
real life. Where I came from (Dubai), there are very and I mean VERY few 
people know are using GNU/Linux. Speaking of 61 machines converted, only 
very few people (owners of these machines) have heard about it and 99% 
of those who have heard about it, had used it. And, I know people over 
there tend to use either Mac or Windows which is a fact that I don't 
like at all and have tried to changed it and managed to change the life 
of 61 machines, a side from others that I haven't converted myself.

Now, it is time for a real challenge. Convert people in real life to 

I have just arrived very recently and I haven't yet done anything except 
getting new phone number. This is the 2nd email I send while I am here 
and it happens that you are the first team I am contacting :) I haven't 
even contacted my teams like (Ubuntu GNOME, ToriOS and StartUbuntu).

I'd like to meet you all if possible and I'd like to help as much as I 
can. Those who have worked side by side with me, they can vouch for my 
ability to help, beside my skills and knowledge :)

Some might not believe all what is written on a Wiki Page. Yes, I do 
like to prove that rather than asking people to read :D

Hope you accept me in this team and hope I could help with everything I 
have in hands.

Thanks and sorry for the long email.


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