Package libhid-dev

Paul Gear ubuntuau at
Wed Nov 26 05:45:22 UTC 2014

On 26/11/14 14:30, Geoffrey Combes wrote:
> I wish to have a tool for communicating with Microchips USB
> HID-Bootloader for the purpose of installing new firmware. One such
> tool is 'mphidflash' which supports Linux as well as Mac OSs and MS
> Windows.
> For Linux I am advised that I need the 'libhid-dev' package. It is not
> in 14.04 LTS that I am using, although a search on the Internet states
> that it was in Lucid 10.04. There are other such tools, one of which I
> have for Windows. However I would like one for Linux. Does 14.10 have
> something else that will do the job?
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Geoffrey Combes

Hi Geoffrey,

It appears libhid has been superseded by a couple of other packages (or
perhaps split into different versions - I'm not sure on the history). 
Try an 'apt-cache search libhid' to see the currently available options,
or for the web
version.  My guess is libhidapi-dev is the closest equivalent, but
you'll likely have to patch the application to make it work (or find an


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