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Good evening all,

I am unable to attend the vUDS but I thought I'd forward on the email
from David Planella below about the Loco sessions in case others were
interested in dropping in on them. If anyone does go along I'd love to
hear a summary on the list about how it went if you have the time to
do so.

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Subject: Empowering LoCo teams at UDS
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Hi all,

As everyone in this list probably knows, vUDS is starting this week \o/

LoCo teams are going to be a key topic this time around, and I'd like to invite
everyone who'd like to contribute to making our LoCos even more awesome to
participate, be it on the live session, on IRC or with comments and actions on
the blueprints.

I've published a summary of the sessions starting tomorrow. I hope to see you

Original post: [Empowering LoCo teams at

The challenge

With Ubuntu now running across all form factors and devices and entering the
mobile space, a new era begins. While our values remain the same, we're now
faced with a unique opportunity to drive adoption of our favourite Free
Software OS to a user base that could potentially be one or two orders of
magnitude bigger.

We've layed out the foundations of an innovative and scalable platform that
provides a stunning experience for regular and power users, and that is a
delight for developers to use.  Years of experience, user testing and design on
the desktop, pioneering work on the cloud and the app development story for the
phone are some of the key aspects that have made it possible.

In this new era our community is more important than ever, with LoCo teams and
the LoCo Council at the forefront. Ubuntu contributors, enthusiasts,
evangelists, advocates... with your events, initiatives across the globe you
are all making it happen.

With [virtual UDS happening this week](http://uds.ubuntu.com/), we'd like to
kick off a series of discussions to come up with a solid plan on how to
re-energize and empower LoCo teams to scale up to these new challenges, and to
involve them in the technologies and projects that are driving this new chapter
in Ubuntu. The contribution of leaders in our LoCo community and the LoCo
Council will be key to our success here.

The sessions

>From the [19th to 21th of November](http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/),
both the Community and the App Development tracks at UDS will be full
with LoCo team sessions, and we'd like all advocates and everyone
involved in Ubuntu local community teams to participate and contribute
to our LoCo plans this cycle. Here are the sessions this week:

### LoCo projects

An initiative to work with LoCos to provide projects and outcomes for
those teams and individuals looking for ways of contributing to Ubuntu.
We'd like to create "LoCo projects", a pool of projects LoCo teams can
participate in as a team. [Join this session

### LoCo Portal promotion

The LoCo Portal is the window to the vibrant activity of our Ubuntu
teams, and we want to come up with a plan to promote it and use it to
highlight the awesome work that's going on in the LoCo world. [Join this

### LoCo Leadership growth

New challenges require leadership, and we'd like to work with the LoCo
Council to grow a team of leaders to drive the global LoCo community.
[Join this session

### LoCo community involvement in App Development

App development is an exciting new area that is becoming key to the
success of Ubuntu among mobile users. We're at a point where the
platform and infrastructure is ripe for LoCo teams to get involved and
start spreading the word and running Ubuntu app development events.
[Join this session

### Build materials for the App Dev Schools initiative

Growing the number of learning materials to write apps for Ubuntu will
be a key focus for next cycle, and it offers a great opportunity to
share knowledge and help others getting started creating content for the
platform. Join us to discuss the plan to create a set of materials and
presentations for the App Dev Schools. [Join this session

### Campaign to grow the number of tutorials videos

As an extension to the App Dev Schools initiative, we'd like to come up
with a plan to publish a series of short, topic-based app development
tutorial videos. [Join this session
Looking forward to seeing you all at UDS this week!

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Jared Norris

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