Arduino loading problem

Geoffrey Wilfred Combes gcombes4 at
Sun Mar 10 02:19:52 UTC 2013

I am trying to load a program into an Arduino UNO microprocessor. The
program is a AZ-EL rotator controller. It has been successfully uploaded
by others using the Ardunio IDE for Windows. I am using the IDE
downloaded (from the Ubuntu software centre) to Ubuntu 12.10LTS, my
current system. I began using the port USBo which I think is the correct
one for serial transfer. The IDE window is now listing USB1. After
compiling this message is received:
"avrdude: stk500-recv(): programmer is not responding"
Could someone tell what initial part of this message might mean.
By the way I can say that the program has not uploaded because the new
Arduino UNO came with a LED blinking program on it and this continues to

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