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> Is it true that an operating system by Canonical or another is available
> for someone to produce a tablet comparable with others on the market?
> If so how soon should be reasonably expect one to appear?
> Presently I own neither a tablet nor a mobile phone. I'm not in a hurry
> to buy such time-wasting toys but I guess I must soon. Should I buy a
> tablet (say, rather than a notebook) for portable use I would prefer
> that it has a Linux operating system.
> By the way I am an engineer and a licensed radio amateur (time-wasting,
> yes, but also a thinking hobby) so I am not averse to wireless
> communication.
> Your views would be of interest to me.
> Geoffrey Combes
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There is currently a very basic shell of an operating system that
developers are working on building. For more details please see and

Please note, it is currently not a replacement for a tablet or a phone,
just a platform intended for enthusiasts who want to contribute testing and
building the platform. There is no set time frame that I'm aware of for a
finished product. As the wiki site mentions though, it's currently being
actively developed by Canonical for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and for the
tablets Nexus 7 & 10. So if you were hoping to run Ubuntu Touch on your
device those would be the safest options for now. I personally would be
keen to purchase the Nexus 10 (nice piece of hardware - if only Google Play
ever had it in stock) to have a play, if that ever happens I'll definitely
shoot a report to the list. I'd also encourage anyone else to feel free to
write up their experiences with the new platform.


Jared Norris
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