Netcomm NB6Plus4WN - Wifi-connected devices can't see Ethernet-connected devices

Paul Gear paul at
Wed Mar 28 08:23:56 UTC 2012

On 28/03/12 17:26, Boden Matthews wrote:
> It's not the firewall on my PCs, it happens even with firewalls
> manually disabled. I checked my router's settings, and it has an
> option for "Virtual LAN on Ethernet", but that's disabled by default.
> It also groups connections, but by default, the Ethernet and WiFi
> options are grouped together.

OK, next steps:

    * What IP addresses do your PCs use?
    * Can you ping from one to the other from the command line?
    * What's the router's address?
    * Can you ping the router from both wireless and wired PCs?

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