Sydney Release Party - Precise Pangolin update

Joel Pickett jpickett at
Thu Mar 15 10:10:36 UTC 2012

Hi all,

There's been an event posted for the last couple of months on the site outlining a release party event for Sydney. Thanks to
those who have noted their attendance. The venue itself is a cafe with a
second storey - upstairs; this is where we gathered last time. The event
will be held around 2pm-4pm on the day. The event is being held a week
before the release. It's the only time I'm in Sydney and for those who are
involved with education, it is the last weekend of holidays.

Don't fret - it's not a technical gathering, just a time to meet other
local Ubuntu users from around Sydney - to discuss the release and the
state of the community/Linux/software itself.

Being a social event, the necessity of a bringing laptop isn't really
needed - unlike other Ubuntu events.

Event details:


Joel P
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