Apache issues

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Sat Mar 10 01:54:29 UTC 2012

On 10/03/12 05:59, Chris Robinson wrote:
> "... file does not exist" when it obviously does sounds like a
> permissions problem.  I haven't done it so haven't got the magic
> bullet for you, but review how permissions and groups need to be set
> up for php.  I seem to recall (from my reading) that there's a simple
> but quite counter intuitive need to set groups or permissions, or
> something.

There aren't usually any special user/group permissions for PHP that are
different to Apache (i usually have all of my files owned by root with
group www-data, and only make certain files/dirs group writable), but i
think Chris is on the right track.  Check each component of the path all
the way down.  Here's a quick little shell function to do it:

lspath() {
    local dir="$1"
    while [ "$dir" != "/" ]; do
        echo "$dir"
        dir=$(dirname "$dir")
    done | xargs -d'\n' ls -ld

One stupid mistake i've made before is misreading the head portion: e.g.
/srv/www is the preferred location for web pages on newer installs, but
because /var/www was used for so long, i overlook the difference between
/var & /srv until i realise that i'm working in completely the wrong tree.

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