12.04LTS and the Telstra 4G mobile wireless modem

Geoffrey gcombes4 at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 19 05:26:57 UTC 2012

Thanks to Harry, Colin, Peter and Ian for your advice. I respond to each
in turn.
Harry: I will follow up on the Huawei Wireless USB modem. For the
present I intend to pursue Telstra for an answer, rather than let them
off the hook. I believe that it would be a simple task for them to laod
a PC with Ubuntu and test the modem, after which they could let Linux
users have instructions on using the modem with a Linux OS. Telstra have
told me that they have used Ubuntu but without clarification.  

Colin: the lsusb command in Terminal lists the modem as 'ID 0f3d:68aa
Airprime, Incorporated'. So its presence is recognised.
the lsmod command has no match for 'UHCI' or anything similar. Vaguely
similar are 'usbhid Used by 0' and 'hid Used by 1 usbhid'.

Peter: I have consulted the lists you recommended but there is no direct
reference to the 360U modem. I am still looking up the links to see if
there are other clues. From the remarks in the lists it seems that the
Ubuntu network connection manager is being used correctly and should
show the assigned connection name in the menu (which it is not doing

Ian: I am using the APN: telstra.bigpond. I believe that it is the
correct plan name. However I would like to see the screen grab of your
settings so please email. Thank you.

Lastly to all: If I am able, with help, to get this modem working on
Ubuntu 12.04 I will certainly post the result on this Mailing List.

Geoff Combes

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