12.04LTS and the Telstra 4G mobile wireless modem

Harry Degenaar harry at ipunix.com
Fri Aug 17 00:13:13 UTC 2012

My experience with Telstra has never been good. I have a Telstra supplied
(September 2008) Next G Sierra AirCard 880U USB Wireless Modem. Within weeks
after having purchased this device from Telstra, Sierra reported though an
End-Of-Life communication that the AirCard 880U was no longer available for
sale. Telstra never offered any support for getting the device to work on a
Linux OS and after trying for weeks through various Linux forums (including
Ubuntu). Ubuntu versions in 2008 - 2010 would recognize the device as a
Sierra AirCard 880U, but I was unable to connect this to my BIGPOND account.
Ubuntu versions after 2010 did not recognize the device at all. I gave up
tying to get it to work on a Linux-OS; now I still have it working on a
back-up Windows XP-Desktop. In 2010 I obtained a Huawei Wireless USB Modem
from Virgin, their support for Ubuntu was first class, they gave me a
document with all the required steps and I had the device up in no time.


Harry Degenaar



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