Installing Xubuntu on Acer

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at
Wed Jun 29 00:08:07 UTC 2011

--- On Wed, 29/6/11, colin mcdermott <colinjamesmcdermott at> wrote:

>  >>do these centrelink/job
> networks give out dud computers?
> not sure if this is a serious question. But giving a
> serious answer
> yes. I have found that many Job network agencies just give
> computers
> in any state of repair.

Where is the QA (Quality assurance)?
Sounds like a "boots windows, SHIP IT!!" Quality assurance

> One friend of mine was given a P4
> that ran
> windows and was still password locked to their domain. (and
> I provided
> the monitor!!)
> If you have a beast in similiar state Chuck It Out!

I was hoping it was not going to be a headache, a few hours work installing xubuntu, a usable computer

> Lastly, don't bother setting up Linux on a dodgy P.C. It is
> very hard
> for people to make the switch, if we are talking <1gb of
> ram and
> hardware faults then I would not bother. Why leave people
> thinking
> that Linux is Slow and buggy?

that was why terminated installing xubuntu
if it was only windows that had got damgaged (deleted dll file), I would have installed xubuntu

> Cheers
> Colin

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