[Solved I think] installing xubuntu on Acer Veriton 2800

Chris Robinson fabricator4 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 13:02:32 UTC 2011

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Xubuntu 11.04 works, I think
the CD is reporting itself as xubuntu 10.04 (strange)

That's odd, I recently installed Xubuntu and it seemed to be reporting as 
11.04.  In what area did it say it was 10.04?

Glad it seems to be working for you however.

>gparted has reported the hard drive has bad sectors in NTFS filesystem :(
>Noooooooooo! You Microsoft bastards <me strangle the air>, where is my Windows 
>XP CD......

Actually, bad sectors may be indicating a problem with the hard drive.  It would 
really pay to look at the Smart status of the drive and keep close tabs on it.  
Also do regular backups of any important data.


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