installing ubuntu on Acer veriton 2800

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> Hi
> I have an 11 year old compaq Armarda E500 with 256 RAM (which i got for 
> $A30 on ebay) and 40 GB HDD. It has a single usb (ver1???) and a really 
> good screen.

I have one of these with 512 ram running my mail server and proxy server for about 5 yrs almost non-stop
except for odd reboot after kernel upgrade and upgrade from dapper (6.06) to 10.04 and a new harddrive
recently. It did have 256 ram initially - I added an additional 256 mb sometimes last year, when I
upgraded to 10.04.  With 256 and 10.04 it was swapping a fair bit.  But 512 is fine.

I throttled down the CPU to keep it cooler and use less power.  the hinge on he screen cracked - so it can't be
used as laptop - other than that - i think its indestructible.

> This was running Ubuntu 10.04 until worked but was fairly 
> lethargic.
> I downloaded the 32 bit peppermint 2 iso and burned it to a CD  (on 
> another machine) and have just installed it. Works great, much more 
> responsive and it recognises both my netgear wg111 wireless nic and my 
> new wireless printer just like U 10.04.
> Hope this helps..Pmint is based on U10.04 but it is tweaked for a very 
> lightweight system a la jolicloud.
> Regards
> Larry North


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