Ubuntu-AU going for Approval

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Subject: Ubuntu-AU going for Approval

Hi Jared, just a couple of glaring inaccuracies I found from looking at the 
Aproval2011 page:

*** Following the link for "Relevant Resources: Local CD Distribution" to 
ubuntu.net.au, that page still talks about the now defunct shipit service as an 

While I'm on the subject, I was one of the people who took advantage of Peter's 
CD service as I have limited bandwidth, and at the time I was having trouble 
staying below this.  The CD was posted almost immediately and turned up in a 
very timely manner.  The CD was also packaged appropriately (plastic case) and 
worked perfectly.  This service was very much appreciated, especially since the 
$3 charged barely seems enough to cover materials, postage, and wear & tear on 

*** Under "Planned activities" it lists "Software Freedom Day 2010".  I can only 
assume that this is a typo.  This section also needs more substance - specific 
dates and more detail.  I'm sure there are also activities already being 
undertaken that could be added.  Would it be appropriate to add in things like 
IRC meetings etc.  While I understand the problems of planning months in 
advance, it would show commitment.

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