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Good evening team,

The following email came through on the loco-contacts mailing list recently
and I thought it would be good to pass it on. If anyone is interested or if
any small groups are interested please contact Randall so you can be

If you don't feel comfortable presenting, just a heads up, this event is
coming and is always interesting to participate in.


Jared Norris JP(Qual) BBehSc(Psych)

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Date: 8 June 2011 13:34
Subject: Open Call for Presenters: Ubuntu Community Week
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Ubuntu Community Week is Coming!

As many of you know, we've announced "Ubuntu Community Week" July 18 thru
July 22nd 2011. The event outline is available on the wiki
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCommunityWeek, and a draft schedule of topics
and presenters will soon be announced. This is where you come in!

Are you a "mover and shaker" in an Ubuntu community? Do you help organize
events, presentations? Do you help spread Ubuntu where you live? Do you have
sage advice for others to help them along their journey to building stronger
communities or just to get more involved?

This is an open call for presenters that can help with any of the scenarios
described below. The idea behind the event is to help people engage with
their Ubuntu community, to catalyze Ubuntu community growth, and to help
make existing Ubuntu communities even better.

So, if you have sage advice for any or all of the people described below,
you can help!

Please send me <randall at executiv.es> a brief outline of your presentation (3
or 4 sentences is enough) and let's get started!



Use Case #1
Elizabeth is using a proprietary operating system from Redmond. She's
considering trying Ubuntu.

   Where can I get an Ubuntu CD?
   What happens if I get stuck?
   What is the least intimidating way to meet my community?
   I don't run Ubuntu, should I even be thinking about joining?

Use Case #2
Sid is a new Ubuntu user. Someone gave him an Ubuntu CD and he's installed

   What is a local community, and why should I care?
   How can I find my local community? Where do I start?
   Am I expected to contribute?

Use Case #3
Jeremy has been participating in community events as an attendee, but not
organizing/creating or presenting.

   Why should I get involved?
   What should I consider before "taking the plunge"?
   My community isn't really to my liking. What should I do?
   I want to evangelize Ubuntu and get others excited about it. How can I do

Use Case #4
John is in a town with no findable Ubuntu community. He's thinking of
starting one.

   How can I start an Ubuntu community?
   What should be the mission?
   Am I the right person for the job?

Use Case #4
Joe is running (or helping to run) a local community

   How can I increase the findability of my local community?
   What are some events I should consider organizing?
   How can I find space for my events?
   How will I fund my events?
   Where will I locate my events?
   What events would make my community want to attend more often?
   What does my community need the most?
   Should I get my community approved? What's in it for us? And, what's
   I'm feeling overwhelmed. What should I do?

Use Case #5
Eric used to be part of an Ubuntu community but that was a couple years ago.
Now he's involved in other projects.

   Should I reconsider joining my community?
   What would be different this time around if I did?
   Is Ubuntu even relevant any more?

Other ways to reach me:
chat : rrnwexec at jabber.org

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