South Australia (Adelaide) release party for Maverick?

Sam thelandofwa at
Wed Sep 15 09:21:37 BST 2010

Hi Daniel,
Not sure if my other messages made it through.. it would appear
not. :) Any objections to "The Elephant"? Free wifi, cheap food and
drinks and a good location too. Belgium Beer Bar might just be a
little too expensive. See:

I hear that they also have a function room you can book at no cost if
there was an inclination to do that for whatever reason.

- Sam

On Sep 5, 11:58 pm, Daniel Sobey <dns_ser... at> wrote:
> Hi list,
> If it was my choice it would be the Belgian Beer Cafe but any place will
> do.Note that the 10th is a sunday so this may be better or worse for
> people. We could have it earlier or later if you would prefer.
> I can baby sit bill if no one else volunteers, he will be good for a
> chat.
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