printer and internet wired or wireless doesn't work

Paul Gear paul at
Sat Sep 11 08:36:14 BST 2010

On 10/09/10 16:23, Ana Maria Arcos Solari wrote:
> Hi, i think I sent this before but I have been away so i don't know
> where the answer is, sorry!.

Hi Ana,

I hope you're enjoying using Kubuntu despite these issues.  Let's hope 
we can help you get them sorted out.

> 3 problems to solve:
> 1) I have the Kubuntu 10.04 and when I first installed on my acer
> travelmate 6293 the internet wireless worked really well ( I didn't
> test the wired). But now the orange light went off and I can't get it
> back.
There are a couple of things that might have happened here:

   1. Your wireless card might be turned off by a hardware/firmware
      switch - on some laptops it's a little mechanical switch or button
      around the outside of the machine somewhere; on others it's an Fn
      key combination.
   2. Your networking might have been turned off in software.  I'm not
      sure what it is in KDE (which is the GUI in Kubuntu), but in GNOME
      (the GUI in standard Ubuntu), you can right click the network
      settings applet and turn it on and off (both wireless
      specifically, and networking in general).  Someone else on the
      list might be able to advise on the exact method for Kubuntu.
   3. There might be some bug with your wireless card.  My Dell Latitude
      D830 is affected by a bug whereby if it is booted with the
      hardware switch on, it turns off at a certain point in bootup and
      won't turn back on.  If i boot with the hardware switch off, it
      turns on successfully after the driver has loaded.  If your laptop
      has an Intel wireless card, it may be affected by this or a
      similar bug.

Personally, i don't find that a reboot fixes much with wireless stuff on 
Linux, so i would use that as a last resort.  In general, you should 
only need to reboot Linux when there's a kernel update, or certain other 
core software (update manager will tell you when it's necessary).
> 2) Also the printer (cannon LBP 3200) doesn't work. I have windows
> vista as well as Kubuntu in my computer. All works ok with vista.

A quick Google search indicates that the printer has driver support for 
CUPS (, but the 
OpenPrinting database has nothing 
(, so some fiddling might be in 
order to get it working.
> 3) I have downloaded a piano tuning program "Tunelab" and it doesn't
> execute the file tunelab.exe

To execute Windows programs on Linux, you need to install a product 
called "wine" - you can do this through the normal software installer 
(i'm not exactly sure where it is on Kubuntu, but i'm sure it will be 
pretty obvious).  After you install wine, .exe programs should start 
using that when you open them in the file manager.  Some Windows 
software works really well in wine - other software doesn't work at 
all.  If the latter is true in this case, you should find some 
alternatives if you search in the software installer.


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