Ubuntu MID (Mobile Internet Device) Remix - Does anyone know what happened?

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Tue Sep 7 21:59:43 BST 2010

On 07/09/10 21:20, Boden Matthews wrote:
> Oh, the HTC Shift isn't a phone. It's a tablet. And it runs Windows Vista Business and WinMo 6.0, and WinMo isn't removable. I was planning on running Android-x86 on it, but I just wanted to check if anyone knew what happened to the MID remix.
Didn't it get renamed to the netbook version?  My ISP's mirror has a 
netbook ISO along with all the others: 
ftp://ftp.iinet.net.au/pub/ubuntu-releases/10.04.1/  There's an ARM 
version as well as an x86 version.

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