South Australia (Adelaide) release party for Maverick?

Paul Schulz paul at
Sun Sep 5 15:33:26 BST 2010

Hi Sam,

Just looking up the date, and October 10 appears to be the date (10.10
released on 10/10/2010).

I will (most likely) be in Perth at the time.. so I'll be looking for
the Party there.

Bill will not be coming with me, so if anyone is interesting in
babysitting a large inflatable emperor penguin (who likes to attend
Ubuntu release parties) please let me know.

For those looking for a location in Adelaide.. please which have been
tried in the past:
- Belgian Beer Cafe - Good but students complained about the beer prices.
- Another hotel on Rundle St (can't remember the name) - Excelent turn
up (good beer prices), but someone complained about the fact that it
was at a pub.
- Adelaide Hacker Space in Peel St, of Hindley Street (BYO everything)
- Lacked the appeal of previous locations and had a small turnout. (We
did have internet though.)

It's worth having Internet at chosen location, just so the
#ubuntu-party IRC channel can be watched.. and for taunting the
partybot with "Is it out yet?" (with the response "Just because you've
asked, it's been delayed another hour.").

If you are in the Adelaide area and none of this makes a whole lot of
sense to you, then probably haven't been to a Ubuntu Release Party. I
make no apologies :-)


On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 6:10 PM, Sam <thelandofwa at> wrote:
> G'day all,
> I am thinking it'd be swell for any Adelaide based LoCo members to get
> together for a 10.10 release party. I noticed Paul Schulz ran one for
> Lucid, not sure if there's a plan to run one again?
> Cheers,
> - Sam
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