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Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Sun Sep 5 09:08:22 BST 2010

On 05/09/2010 17:43, Rob Dawson wrote:
> On 05/09/10 14:58, James Takac wrote:
>> Hi Terry
>> On Sunday 05 September 2010 13:48:51 Terry Brock wrote:
>>> I use ubuntu on both of my computers and except for normal hicups I have
>>> found it to work every time I think that whoever started this thread has
>>> not give th OS and the community a fair go
>>> Terry
>> Likewise I have 6 pc's with Ubuntu on them. # of them dual booting with
>> windows. 2 of those with Vista and one with win 7. Ubuntu 10.04 on 2 dual
>> boot systems working fine. All OS's have their hiccups. I had similar with xp
>> a few years back. Turned out to be a corrupted download of a service pack at
>> that point and left me having to reinstall xp from scratch. No matter what OS
>> is chosen there will be hicups at some point. Mostly minor ones and the
>> occasional hum dinger. Part of life. It happens
>> I'll repeat a Q now for Rob
>> Did you verify the checksum after downloading Ubuntu?
>> Did you run the media check on the disk b4 trying an install?
>> Did you burn the disk at your lowest possible speed?
>> Doing a fast burn can result in a disk that wont read well in less sensitive
>> drives
>> Not checking the 1st 2 leaves you open to the possibility that either the
>> download was corrupted resulting in a faulty disk. or the burn didn't go as
>> well as should have due an a error at burning time that didn't get picked up
>> or a possible disk error re the cd you burnt to. I've had cd's fail in the
>> past for the above reasons. Maybe the your end?
>> As you (Rob) also don't give any specifics it's hard to pin down where your
>> problem is. Thousands of people as far as I know are using 10.04 so your
>> assertions only really relate to a bad experience your end. If had a dist
>> upgrade trash my system years ago but that hasn't soured me. These things do
>> happen on occasion.  Sounds like you're quick to blame Ubuntu but not quick
>> to find out why your prob occurred. It's oft easier to just lay the blame
>> somewhere and then leave it at that. It takes work to actually go in search
>> of the real culprit
>> Why not help us to help you. The more you can give us re your situation the
>> better the chance of resolving your prob, e.g. hardware setup, how you burned
>> the disk, did you check the checksum or run the media check b4 installing,
>> how did you go about your install,............. The more info the better. I'm
>> thankful I didn't time a dist upgrade for this morning as the line
>> transformer blew. Had that happened in the middle of the upgrade I'm sure I'd
>> have to install from scratch. My point there is that many things can affect
>> your outcome. Maybe something you didn't notice
>> James
> Not sure why you are referring to me in your reply James?
> Rob

'Cause you're such a very likeable person? :-)

And your name is one half of the legendary name, "Rob Roy"? :-)


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