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Wed Oct 27 09:23:26 BST 2010

On 27 October 2010 12:10, Tom Sparks <tom_a_sparks at> wrote:
> --- On Wed, 27/10/10, Joel Pickett <jpickett at> wrote:
>> > I have been converting people to
>> runing ubuntu in my local area :)
>> > I am starting to think about setting up a Loco
>> >
>> > tom_a_sparks
>> > "It's a nerdy thing I like to do"
>> >
>> >
>> Well it wouldn't hurt to tell us where you are, generally
>> speaking.
> lightning ridge, walget shire
>  How many people have you got
>> willing to
>> help?
> it just me, I have converted 4-5+ people into using ubuntu
> --- On Wed, 27/10/10, Ryan Macnish <nisshh.ubuntu at> wrote:
>>There is no point setting up a seperate loco, we already have one, it just needs re-approving.
> I was not think of a seperate loco, but a branch loco
>>    Ryan Macnish
> tom_a_sparks
> "It's a nerdy thing I like to do"
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First off, GREAT WORK. Secondly, thanks for coming to us for help when
you weren't sure.

I think the best way of approaching this would be to get them to sign
up to the mailing list, join the Ubuntu-AU team (see for details) and then
set up a wiki page off the main one at If you're not sure how to go
about this I'd look for ideas on the page as this was set
up for a specific location as well. If you're not sure on the nuts and
bolts of how to set it up then feel free to drop into IRC (my nickname
is head_victim) or send an email off list (just so we don't flood the
list with a WIKI101) as I'm pretty conversant with the version of wiki
that is being used on the Ubuntu website by now.

The Loco itself is a great way to have an umbrella group to provide
help and resources (launchpad, website, wiki, IRC channels, mailing
list, etc) over any number of smaller, linked groups especially in a
geographically large space with low density population like we have in
Australia. We just need people to contribute content to them.

I would encourage anyone else out there wanting to do something
similar to get in and give it a go as well.


Jared Norris

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