HP Pavilion DV7 - Synaptics Touchpad

Callan Davies callan at cruzn.net.au
Wed Nov 24 09:07:26 GMT 2010

> I'm hoping that someone can assist with an issue that's developed on my HP Pavilion DV7 notebook since installing 10.10.  Since upgrading, my synaptics touchpad has sort of stopped working.  I say sort of because it works fine on the login screen, it just stops responding entirely once I get to my Gnome desktop.  This is one issue I just can't figure out so any

Hi there,

I'm sure you've already checked but i thought i would post this anyway, since i have seen a couple of random issues with mouse and keyboard.

With the mouse, i have seen the touchpad mystically disable itself, this was on my HP mini, some months back. I re enabled it in mouse settings, fixed.

Unrelated, I've also seen the 'control mouse with the keyboard' enable itself. That can be disabled, from memory, in the accessibility settings.

Last issue, I had a friend who's keyboard would apparently not work. Somehow, on the login screen under the accessibility icon, a strange delay setting had been enabled.

Like I said probably all unrelated to your issue however i thought no harm in mentioning it!

.. CD

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