How to work with a headset and speakers

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Mon Nov 22 06:00:35 GMT 2010

On 22/11/2010 11:12, Paul Whipp wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have an annoying Ubuntu problem:
> I use my Ubuntu desktop for work and for good quality VOIP I use a 
> Logitech wireless headset that works very well. I also have the usual 
> sound card/speakers connected.
> If I get a skype call and I am not using the headset, I turn the 
> headset on and then have to set it as the default device in System | 
> Preferences | Volume Control. This is a pain and if I forget to set it 
> back again when I take the headset off I don't hear the incoming 
> ringing sound.


This problem has been raised many times in both Kubuntu and Ubuntu 
lists. Since I don't have the same needs as those who raised the matter 
I didn't follow the threads. However, I seem to recall that installing 
pavucontrol is what is required, and you "fiddle" with the controls 
while having the sound output working (in other words, pavucontrol needs 
to "see" the sound before you can play around with the controls - if you 
see what I mean :-) :-) - but don't quote me).

Go to the Ubuntu list and ask the question or find the name Ric Moore 
there and send him a private mail (mention my name if you want) because 
Ric seems to have got this one well sorted out and will tell you how to 
solve your problem.


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