Announcing the First LoCo Day Event: Second Try

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I will almost certainly be able to participate as I am on leave from
dec 17th.  Looking forward to a great learning experience!

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> Hello everyone,
> For various reasons, the LoCo Days event was unable to happen at its
> originally scheduled date. We want to give it another try. The first
> LoCo Days event will now take place the weekend of December 17-19. I
> am including my original announcement email below. If your LoCo is
> interested in getting involved, please contact a member of the
> Classroom Management Team and we can add you to the schedule.
> Thanks,
> Nathan
> Original Announcement
> (
> Hello everyone,
> It is my great honor to be able to announce a new Ubuntu Classroom
> event that will be taking place: LoCo Days [1] ! To quote the wiki,
> "Most Classroom sessions done in the Ubuntu community are done in
> English. However, we have a large LoCo community as well. LoCo Days
> were designed to encourage LoCo Teams to start doing more Classroom
> sessions in their native languages." The first set of LoCo Days will
> take place from Friday, November 5th, 2010 - Sunday, November 7th,
> 2010. Sessions, to be given in the LoCo's native language, will focus
> will be on different LoCo-related HowTos. Some possible topics might
> include: How to host an Ubuntu Hour, How to start a Loco team, or How
> to organize a release party. Sessions will be lead by groups from
> different LoCos; there will be very few (if any) individuals hosting
> sessions.
> In order for this event to work, we need as many different LoCo teams
> to volunteer to lead sessions as possible. Sessions can take place any
> time during Friday, November 5th, 2010 - Sunday, November 7th, 2010,
> so LoCo teams should have no issue finding a convenient time. If you
> are interested in leading a session, please let either myself or
> another member of the Classroom Management Team [2] know so that we
> can add you to the schedule. Please be sure to pass this announcement
> on to the other members of your LoCo team.
> Thanks,
> Nathan Handler
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> [2]
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> Good morning/afternoon/evening Ubuntu-AU'ers,
> This looks very much like what nisshh was referring to last night
> about the LOCO days. I think as a LOCO while we don't qualify as non
> English speaking I'm sure they would love our participation anyway as
> a lot of the classes don't really seem to cover our timezone all that
> well. If anyone has any particular topics they'd like to see covered
> and if anyone has any suggestions for time of day that would be best
> suited to Australian audiences lets hear them.
> Regards,
> Jared Norris
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