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Ryan Macnish <nisshh.ubuntu at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am asking this on the mailing list, because the LoCo Day is pretty much
> the day after the meeting.
> The classroom team have organised an event called LoCo day, where heaps of
> LoCo's come together and hold sessions about LoCo stuff (like an Open Week
> for LoCo's). I want to know if we want to participate, i will be present and
> asking questions regardless. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to
> gather together and have some fun, while also getting advice and tips about
> fixing up our own crippled loco. The LoCo Day event spans over 3 days
> (December 17th - 19th), so if you think we should participate, please reply
> BEFORE about the 10th of December or so. I do not want to hear any "I think
> we should participate, but i'm not going to", we are a group, so we should
> all pitch in and do this. If you guys want to get re-approved, we need to do
> something!
> Ryan Macnish (nisshh)

Hi Ryan,

I will try and help out sometime through the period that the LoCo event
is on.

Can you give more accurate details to when the event starts and
finishes ie if they if they working on GMT as a time standard so I can
convert to my local time.

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